We Process bills. We Free Up your medical staff.

How A2 Medical Billing Service works

There is a small forest of paperwork and infinite patience involved in dealing with most health insurance companies. Luckily, we know our way through the process. We have great working relationships with Medicare and other Health Insurers and we know exactly how to submit the necessary paperwork for your patients' health insurance claims.

After you are registered we are happy for you to submit your billing information in any format that suits you, providing all necessary information is included. We provide a template for you to use if you wish. All Health Fund deposits are reconciled and our commission is deducted monthly. Once the payments are deposited into your account, there are no bills to pay.

The basic Medical Billing Process

  •   Complete the information on the billing slip and send to us via mail, fax, or email
  •   Medicare and the health funds will process the accounts for payment
  •   Direct billed uninsured patients will pay the total account then claim from Medicare
  •   Payments to Doctors will be by cheque or Electronic Funds Transfer, based on the preferred payment method
  •   Payments to Doctors will be made every month along with a detailed financial summary of banking transactions
  •   We follow up on all outstanding accounts on your behalf
When you use A2 Medical Billing Service, running your own practice becomes so much simpler. Let us process bills, collect payments, manage claim rejections, and follow up outstanding payments, while you focus on patient care.

Want to find out more?

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Electronic Billing Speeds up the process

Electronic medical billing speeds up the claims process and reduces the number of unpaid claims. Our medical software Medilink, incorporates online methods for verifying patient information such as Medicare numbers and Health Fund eligibility. We can also check the status of claims and the accuracy of deposits made into our Trust Account on your behalf. Medilink allows us to use a cutting edge on-line billing system, ECLIPSE (Electronic Claim Lodgement and Information Processing Service Equipment), which is an extension to Medicare's on-line claiming solutions and offers a secure connection between A2 Medical Billing Service and private health funds. ECLIPSE also incorporates direct communication for providers with Medicare and Health Funds all in one transaction. This means that claims can be instantly transmitted and that any issues will be identified immediately and can be resolved promptly.