Our Privacy Policy

Security and Confidentiality

Our computer systems are maintained at a high level of security and we use a dedicated server to process and submit your accounts. For added security, all data is stored off-site. Access to our computer system is strictly limited and we adhere to high standards of security which mean that doctor and patient confidentiality are maintained at all times. All of your personal information and patient data is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

All the information you provide, including your patients’ personal information, is handled in accordance with our privacy policy and consistent with the privacy legislation.

Our Core Values

  •   Service
  •   Excellence
  •   Integrity
  •   Respect
Our values assist us in making sure your personal information as well as information relating to your patients is handled in a confidential, secure and appropriate manner.

Online Form Security

To ensure that your transaction details are kept secure and private, A2 Medical Billing uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. SSL is the industry standard for viewing and sending sensitive information through a web browser. SSL works by creating a secure link, ensuring all your personal data is kept private during transmission over the internet.

What are the elements that make our online forms secure?

  • 256-Bit SSL – 256-bit encryption offers 216 additional bits of key length over 40 bit keys. This translates to 1.05312292 x 1065 additional combinations required for a brute force crack.
  • Data Encryption – Using mathematical calculations and algorithmic schemes, data encryption transforms plaintext into ciphertext, a form that is non-readable to unauthorized parties.
  • Password Protected Forms – This is used for a select few forms that carry sensitive patient information. Only those with a specified password will be able to access those forms.

Do you have any questions?

A2 Medical Billing is an invoicing service which manages patient accounts on behalf of a number of specialists. Your doctor uses our service, so our name will appear on invoices, receipts and EFTPOS slips.