Patient Information

Patient Payments

Our service invoices direct to Health Funds on behalf of specialists. However, in some cases, there may be an out of pocket payment required.

Gap Payments

All medical practitioners are free to set their own fees. Sometimes this fee will be higher than the amounts your insurer will pay. The difference between the amount paid by Medicare and your insurer, and the amount charged by your doctor is called 'the gap'. You will generally be made aware any ‘gaps' before admission to hospital.

Uninsured Patients

If you choose to be admitted to a hospital as a private patient, but have no private health insurance, you will incur costs relating to your treatment by your chosen specialist. We will send you an account and, once it has been paid, we can electronically submit your claim to Medicare for processing.

Payment Options

A2 Medical Billing Service offers a number of options for payment. Payment can be made by cheque or EFT. Credit card payments can be processed over the phone: 0408 413 984

Patients should be aware that ultimately the responsibility for payment of medical fees is theirs, should their insurance have expired, if there are exclusions on their policy or if waiting periods have not been served.

Unpaid accounts will attract reminder notices and ultimately be sent to a debt collection agency, at the patient's expense, unless a prior payment agreement has been entered into.

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A2 Medical Billing is an invoicing service which manages patient accounts on behalf of a number of specialists. Your doctor uses our service, so our name will appear on invoices, receipts and EFTPOS slips.